Bringing Sexy Back

The ladies of Cushnie et Ochs know a thing or two about bringing sexy back. It’s very easy to get sexy wrong, but ever since their first collection they’ve done nothing but deliver designs that are just as sophisticated as they are head turners. Their Pre-Fall 15 collection, inspired by Leeloo from The Fifth Element going off to boarding school, as ironic as it sounds, is no exception. Check out some of our favorites below and shop our current selection here.

  • Cushnie_et_Ochs_003_1366
  • Cushnie_et_Ochs_005_1366
  • Cushnie_et_Ochs_006_1366
  • Cushnie_et_Ochs_007_1366
  • Cushnie_et_Ochs_009_1366
  • Cushnie_et_Ochs_016_1366
  • Cushnie_et_Ochs_017_1366
  • Cushnie_et_Ochs_020_1366
  • Cushnie_et_Ochs_022_1366
  • Cushnie_et_Ochs_024_1366
  • Cushnie_et_Ochs_026_1366

The New Valentino

Although Valentino is still very much Valentino, looking back at previous collections, so much has changed. Instead of honing in on their signature laced classics, Valentino’s youthful feminine vibe has been modernized via prints and embroidered textures. Even though I do really miss the romanticism of old collections, I also really love how fresh and sharp their new collections have been. I would have never thought I would like embroidered floral, colorful butterflies, and scenes of embellished galaxies and constellations as much as I do, but Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli have managed to get it right, all while maintaining Valentino’s playful and girly essence.

  • Valentino_001_1366
  • Valentino_002_1366
  • Valentino_004_1366
  • Valentino_008_1366
  • Valentino_011_1366
  • Valentino_020_1366
  • Valentino_024_1366
  • Valentino_032_1366
  • Valentino_036_1366
  • Valentino_043_1366
  • Valentino_046_1366
  • Valentino_060_1366
  • Valentino_062_1366
  • Valentino_082_1366
  • Valentino_088_1366
  • Valentino_094_1366
  • Valentino_097_1366


Silver Lining: Stella McCartney Pre-Fall 15

Just when I was starting to feel disappointed by Stella McCartney’s Pre-Fall 15 collection, out came a model wearing a strapless black jumpsuit adorned with a large silver grommet. Instantly I was reminded of the Stella we all know and love. The one that knows how to make effortlessly casual looks sexy and just out-right cool. When I think of wide-legged slouchy trousers, slinky mid-length knit skirts and flatform creepers, sexy is definitely not the first word that typically comes to mind, but there’s something about them that just makes you feel so on top of the world. I can’t wait til this collection hits the store. In the meantime, you can pre-order the collection by subscribing to our exclusive insider access program and shop our current Stella McCartney selection here.

  • Stella_McCartney_36_1366
  • Stella_McCartney_03_1366
  • Stella_McCartney_05_1366
  • Stella_McCartney_06_1366
  • Stella_McCartney_07_1366

How to Wear Pastels Now

Wearing color when it’s below freezing temperature is hard, but I think that’s also just because pastels are so closely associated with spring and all things fluffy and warm. This season though, more and more designers have been amping up the color, or should I say muting them, making them easier to compliment your existing winter wardrobe.



New Favorites

With the overload of resort styles arriving to the store, it’s hard to pick a favorite (and not hate the weather right now) but these Stella McCartney seventies-inspired flare denim are a dream come true. They’re the best flares I’ve ever tried since J Brand’s love story jeans and right on trend with the whole 70s thing currently making waves in the fashion world. Also, for those of you who think pumps are “old lady” shoes, these laser-cut Manolo Blahnik’s add a youthful twist to the classic silhouette.