From PFW: Isabel, Balenciaga, Balmain, Celine, and More..

In no particular order, check out the latest and greatest from Paris Fashion Week below starting with Isabel Marant.

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If Isabel Marant hasn’t won some sort of prize for her unbelievably on point design aesthetic, she needs to ASAP. No one knows better than her exactly what woman want to wear, and her execution of it never fails. Never. And even though there is a similarity in silhouettes from season to season, it never gets old (re: flirty tiered skirts, slouchy jeans, and signature jackets). I love the new wide waist belts splattered throughout the collection, the fringe trimmings, the tassels, that shaggy knit jacket and vest — basically, I love everything. Oh! And those jeans with puka shells. Also notice the burgundy and mustard hues, they’ve been getting a lot of camera time this runway season.

  • _MON0037
  • _MON0059
  • _MON0076
  • _MON0105
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  • _MON0149
  • _MON0226
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  • AA2X0915

This season marked Alexander Wang’s fourth show as creative director of Balenciaga, and possibly my favorite one yet. It felt more Wang than usual with sheer, sporty mesh overlays, loosely woven knits, and sleekly tailored pants to offset all the embellishments and sheer off-the-shoulder ruching. I noticed a lot of diamonds, or rhombus’ if you will, throughout the collection and it turns out those shapes were influenced by the diamond flooring in Cristobal Balenciaga’s atelier. Most importantly though, how cool are all the shoes?!

  • _MON0008
  • _MON0047
  • _MON0077
  • _MON0116
  • _MON0145
  • _MON0168
  • _MON0236
  • _MON0330
  • _MON0407
  • _MON0433
  • _MON0520
  • _MON0550
  • _MON0698
  • _MON0724
  • _MON0802
  • _MON0873
  • _MON0925
  • _MON0971
  • _MON0996

Balmain was sheer, cut-out, jumpsuit heaven with the coolest, perfectly boxy layering pieces, as per usual. I love love love all the thick chokers and am also really excited to see pleated maxi skirts making a comeback.

  • Brunello_Cucinelli_01_1366
  • Brunello_Cucinelli_02_1366
  • Brunello_Cucinelli_03_1366
  • Brunello_Cucinelli_04_1366
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  • Brunello_Cucinelli_19_1366
  • Brunello_Cucinelli_21_1366
  • Brunello_Cucinelli_23_1366

Once again, Brunello Cucinelli kills it in the casual luxury department. Easy slouchy trousers and knits aside, how amazing are those feather skirts? I love the idea of pairing such extravagant pieces with sweaters and sneakers. Also note: more pleated skirts.

  • _MON0020
  • _MON0041
  • _MON0056
  • _MON0080
  • _MON0100
  • _MON0126
  • _MON0165
  • _MON0205
  • _MON0302
  • _MON0405
  • _MON0433
  • _MON0544
  • _MON0571
  • _MON0592
  • _MON0648
  • _MON0672
  • _MON0885
  • _MON0909
  • _MON0936

Phoebe Philo described her latest collection as a stream of consciousness in which she embraces uncertainty, and embraced uncertainty she did. Despite the impeccable craftsmanship, the collection felt very new and unlike previous seasons. From buttoned up jumpsuits to floral prints, it definitely felt a bit random, like streams of consciousness typically are, but somehow she makes it work. Surprise, surprise.

From LFW: Tom Ford SS15


As one of our buyers Tova put it (and maybe also JT), Tom Ford is bringing sexy back — but then again, when isn’t he? Leather bodices, sheer paneling, maxis clad in slits, flare pants, cut-outs galore, and very smokey eyes made for a very 70s, rock-n-roll glam collection. If you’re looking for stand-out evening wear, look no further.


Lori Hirshleifer’s Guide to #PFW

If you don’t know who Lori Hirshleifer is, shame on you. She’s the really cool lady responsible for all the really cool things you’ve purchased, or maybe just admired, in our store. I don’t know how to continue describing her without using the words chic or effortless, and after these past weeks I never wanna use “effortlessly chic” again, so I’m just gonna leave it at that. Buuuut, if you’ve ever seen someone hanging out at Hirshleifers in drop-crotch pants, decked out in the most amazing jewelry, dopest shoes, just oozing with cool, that’s most likely her.

She’s traveling to Paris to catch the end of fashion month mayhem, so obviously I am trying to live vicariously through her and bothered her with a few questions. I mean, who wouldn’t want to visit Paris the Lori Hirshleifer way?


Easing Into Fall

Yesterday marked fall’s official beginning, which means it is officially time to get those jackets and sweaters out of the closet (woop wooop!). Right now I am really loving this bomber from Givenchy. I was unsure about the print at first, but I actually love how it looks on – it makes an otherwise plain, yet amazing fitting, bomber special.




Shoesday Tuesday: Alexander Wang Leopard Booties

The weather is starting to do that thing where it’s not hot, but it’s not exactly cold either, and I’m all like it’s fall! I need jackets! and coats! and boots! Boots. I could definitely use a new pair of boots. I’ve been wanting flat, simple Chelsea-like boots for a while, and since I’m still thinking about them, I think it’s about time. I couldn’t decide whether black or brown, and then the most amazing pair of leopard Alexander Wang calf hair booties arrived in store.


Believe it or not, they are more wearable (and fun!) than any ol’ black or brown pair. You can wear them with all your blacks and browns, greys, navy — I’d even pair them with stripes and attempt to experiment with other prints. The leopard on them is so perfectly subtle like that. They’re basically a two for one deal… but better. The only question that remains is…


It’s a Barbie World

If you haven’t already seen shiny pink things all over the internet/your Instagram, Jeremy Scott’s latest collection for Moschino was a whole lot of that. From fast food fashion to the recreation of Barbie’s world, Scott’s playful design aesthetic really knows no limits.  Shiny, pretty, bright things aside though, the coolest part about his new collection (that just debuted yesterday) has to be that key items and accessories are already available at Hirshleifers for purchase! Talk about fast fashion.

  • 001_AG18858
  • 002_AG18875
  • 004_AG18907
  • 003_AG18894
  • 005_AG18928
  • 006_AG18964
  • 007_AG18990
  • 008_AG19020
  • 009_AG19041
  • 010_AG19062
  • 013_AG19124
  • 014_AG19137
  • 015_AG19159
  • 018_AG19209
  • 020_AG19237
  • 021_AG19273
  • 022_AG19296
  • 023_AG19313
  • 024_AG19334
  • 025_AG19353
  • 026_AG19375
  • 027_AG19434
  • 028_AG19462
  • 029_AG19474
  • 030_AG19497
  • 031_AG19517
  • 032_AG19530
  • 033_AG19549
  • 043_AG19738
  • 040_AG19660
  • 038_AG19634

If you can’t visit us in store, please contact our personal shoppers for more information.

Now Trending: Houndstooth

I’ve never been a huge fan of houndstooth, it always felt a little old to me, but Stella McCartney’s take on the classic print is a definite game changer.



Shoesday Tuesday: Givenchy Mules

  • img-thing
  • img-thing (1)

If Ricardo Tisci were on The Mayflower, he would definitely have been wearing some rendition of the above sandals. Doesn’t the buckle remind you of the (really chic) pilgrims you’d see in the pages of your high school history book? If I already lost you, please just Google images of pilgrims… see what I mean? Anyway, I’ve come across these shoes twice this past fashion week and each time I like them even more.


Beauty Report: Louboutin Does Polish

Christian Louboutin’s latest venture into the beauty business has been receiving a loooooot of attention, even months after it’s initial debut, so naturally I wanted to see what all the hype is about. I mean, 50$ for a bottle of nail polish? I had to put it to the test. I chose the blue “whenever” polish, and headed straight to my local nail salon. I told my manicurist about my little experiment and proceeded to ask her a million questions.

Does the polish feel any thicker or thinner? Does the application feel any different? Is the brush different in comparison to other polishes? Is there anything better/different about this nail polish?

In short, the polish thickness/thiness is normal to others, but she did say it felt smoother when applying it on my nails – significantly smoother, she added.  She also noticed that the brush was angled right away. It’s hard to say if that benefits the application in any way, but yeah, fun fact. When I told her to apply only one coat she questioned my choice, but if Monsieur Louboutin says I only need one coat – I only need one coat. This is probably my favorite thing about this fancy shmancy polish. If you’re like me, you hate getting manicures solely because you can’t stand the fact of sitting in a chair with limited movement for at least an hour. Christian Louboutin knows that your time is precious though, and I think it’s really considerate of him to make a polish that drastically shortens the standard duration of a manicure. All this went down last Thursday, and below is the pictorial evidence of the polish’s greatness.

  • Capture
  • photo 2
  • day 7 – wednesday
  • day 7 other hand wednesday
  • photo 44
  • day 2 friday
  • day 5 – monday
  • day 6 – tuesday
  • last day – thursday
  • last day
  • last day feet

I didn’t notice any chipping whatsoever until around Wednesday. That means almost a full week had gone by with only one very minor chip on my index finger to show for it, and my toes look just as good as they did on the first day. Had it been any other Essie or OPI, I don’t think I would be able to report the same. I should also include that this past weekend, when I wasn’t running to and from shows, I was moving into my new apartment and untangling a lot of necklaces (aka lots of hand labor involved). Oh! And now that I think about it, I also washed some dishes sans gloves. Now that’s some good stuff. Get in on the action by visiting us in store or contact one of our personal shoppers. Rings are also all available at Hirshleifers (except for the pearl one).